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SEI is committed to prevent and fight corruption and retain a high level of awareness of the subject across the institute. Employees should always act on any suspicion.

SEI defines corruption as an abuse of trust, power or position for improper gain. Corruption includes the offering and receiving of bribes, extortion, conflicts of interest and nepotism. Our approach to corruption is based on the Swedish Development Cooperation’s standards:

  • Always prevent
  • Never accept
  • Always inform
  • Always act.

It is the responsibility of all SEI employees to understand and apply the anti-corruption policy. The overall responsibility for the implementation of the anti-corruption policy lies with the SEI Executive Director and the respective centre directors.

SEI also has a whistleblowing service and strongly encourages all who interact with us, including employees, partners and other stakeholders, to report any possible misconduct as soon as it occurs. The service is provided by an external partner to ensure anonymity.

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Simon Persson

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