Unless we reduce emissions hard and fast across all sectors, we can’t avoid a climate disaster, according to the most recent UN reports. The African continent, hosting COP27 in Egypt, is one of the most climate-vulnerable geographies. African nations, many of which are among the world’s least developed countries, have low capacity to adapt to the impacts of climate change. At the same time, African countries contribute less than 4% to global greenhouse gas emissions. These facts combined makes clear why the focus of this COP is on adaptation, implementation, and finance.

Stockholm Environment Institute’s researchers will be on spot in Sharm El-Sheikh November 6-18. Below you will find a complete list of SEI contacts on site, their special area and language spoken. You can always contact SEI media contacts below for guidance.

COP 27 special page

Our COP27 special page sei.org/cop27 features resources, SEI events, spokespeople, and media contacts.

COP27 media contacts

In Stockholm: Ulrika Lamberth, [email protected], +46 73 801 70 53

In Sharm el-Sheikh: Andrea Lindblom, [email protected], +46 73 345 05 71

Press conference

11 November 12.00-12.30: How to rise to the adaptation challenge
Republic of Maldives and Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI)


SEI delegation at COP27

All information about the SEI delegation.