Participants in a parade celebrate Buddhas festival day saigon, Vietnam

Participants in a parade celebrate Buddhas festival day saigon, Vietnam. Photo: Jethuynh / Moment via Getty Images.

Through a collaboration between the Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and the Vatican’s Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development, the new communication tools, accessible in five languages, focus on topics including climate change, biodiversity, sustainability and social justice.

“In all we do at SEI, we have a dual mission to produce robust, trustworthy science, and communicate the results so they are clear, compelling and actionable,” said SEI Executive Director Måns Nilsson.

“Robust evidence is as crucial as ever, but what drives people’s actions is their values, and their sense of their place in the world. At a time when many people feel hopeless, like they cannot make a difference, this guide shows they can – both individually, and by advocating collectively for systemic change.”

— Måns Nilsson, SEI Executive Director

In addition to the new online resources, the Dicastery is distributing half a million hard copies to parishes around the world.

“By combining our organizations’ respective strengths, we have produced a booklet that I believe will be very compelling and useful to readers,” concluded Måns Nilsson.

The new booklet was also mentioned in several other media outlets, including The Record Newspaper.