Speaking to ETV news show ‘Aktuaalne Kamera’, Harmen Spek, innovation manager at plastic pollution awareness body ‘Plastic Soup’, said that the problem of floating islands of plastic, or ‘plastic soup’, is rising and needs a change of thinking to be combatted.

Several more environmental organisations in Estonia and the Baltic region are on the case. A major initiative entitled ‘BLASTIC’, which started in 2016 and is aimed at establishing what kind of plastic and other garbage gets carried by streams, rives and floodwaters into the Baltic and in what quantities, is due to conclude in Autumn.

According to a spokesperson from the Tallinn office of international environmental non-profit research and policy organisation Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI), a significant part of waste coming into the Baltic from Estonia is made up of isolation foam used in the construction industry.

”Surprisingly this formed a far bigger problem than in Finland or Sweden,” said Harri Moora from the SEI.