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“Social acceptance of renewable projects depends on tangible benefits for local communities”: José Vega on Bloomberg

SEI Research Associate José Vega talks to Bloomberg on challenges in wind energy development in La Guajira, Colombia.

Published on 9 November 2023

Eduar Monsalve / SEI

La Guajira is a region in Colombia with incredible potential for wind energy, but taking advantage of it depends on social acceptance, as this region has collective lands of the Wayuu indigenous community. Colombia’s transition targets and activities have taken wind projects to the region, some have succeeded while others have faced continued disagreements resulting in delays and even cancellations.

“One of the main determinants of social acceptance of projects is tangible benefits for local communities. That will translate into megawatts.”

said José Vega, Research Associate at SEI Latin America to Bloomberg

SEI has been actively navigating the complex scenario at La Guajira, aiming to understand why social acceptance remains a challenge in the region. Some of the findings include lack of access to reliable, complete and timely information; the role of the stakeholders; the distribution of benefits during and after consultations; and the variety of leadership roles in the Wayuu communities.

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José Vega Araújo

Research Associate

SEI Latin America

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