Logs stacked up in Malaysia. An average western person is responsible for 4 trees felled every year due to their commodity consumption according to research. Photo: Pok Rie/Pexels .

Recent research linking high-resolution maps of global deforestation to the wide range of commodities imported by each country is highlighted in this Guardian article. The research was not undertaken by SEI but suggests that the impact of western consumption of products such as coffee chocolate, beef and palm oil is responsible for the felling of four trees per person every year, many in wildlife-rich tropical forests. This can contribute to climate change impacts and also affect forest biodiversity.

Chris West, Senior Research Leader at SEI was quoted:

“Consumption can have large effects overseas, given our dependence on international supply chains”. “This can’t be tackled by single nations alone and is also not just a western issue.”

He identified the need for more detailed data to link consumption to specific areas within countries.

“We need finer-scale analysis where this is possible,” stated Chris.

SEI’s Trase project was also mentioned.