In 2019, APUF-7 will provide a unique platform to discuss and analyze the status, challenges and opportunities of the implementation of the New Urban Agenda, the Paris Agreement, the Sendai Framework for Disaster Risk Reduction and the 2030 Agenda in the region.

It will also be the venue to launch The Future of Asia-Pacific Cities 2019 report being developed by ESCAP and UN-Habitat in partnership with the European Union, Asian Development Bank, The Rockefeller Foundation, UNDP, Singapore’s Centre for Liveable Cities and many others.


Through the Strategic Collaborative Fund Phase 2 (SCF2) programme and the SEI Initiative on City Health and Well-being (CHeW initiative), SEI will be involved in the following sessions.

14 October

SCF2 partner, Asia Coalition for Housing Rights, will take part in Constituency Assembly: Grassroots/Urban Poor .

15 October

“Closing the loop on plastic waste: Towards inclusive and circular economic opportunities” will be moderated by SEI Asia’s Diane Archer from the CHeW initiative.

Innovations in Data Use for Urban Disaster Risk Reduction and Recovery will feature SEI Asia’s Diane Archer from the CHeW initiative.

17 October

“Finding The Sweet Spot: Towards A Resilient, Inclusive And Healthy City” will be led by the CHeW initiative.

“Inclusive Governance And Transboundary Action: Lessons On How To Build Urban Resilience Across Boundaries” will feature SEI Asia’s Thanapon Piman as a speaker.

“Sustainable And Resilient Infrastructure Provides Protection And Services For Functioning, Thriving And Evolving Communities” will feature SEI Asia’s Diane Archer from the CHeW initiative as a speaker.

How to register

Find the full programme and register to attend via the APUF-7 website.

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