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Building a resilient future

Alongside action to transform towards low carbon development pathways, urgent action on building resilience and adapting to climate change is vital for achieving nearly all of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Just a day ahead of the UN Climate Action Summit, SEI is a partner in organising this event convened by the Global Resilience Partnership that sets out ambitious and transformative actions needed to build resilience. Register to be a part of it or follow the event live online.

22 September 2019

SEI’s Deputy Director, Åsa Persson, and Research Fellow Matthew Osborne will present in two of seven interactive sessions to reinforce the focus on resilience and commitments expected to be made at the Climate Action Summit.

Åsa Persson will present the new Adaptation Without Borders initiative in the session ‘Building resilient food and agriculture systems’. This initiative explores global implications of transboundary climate risks and aims to strengthen cooperation among partners to meet the global challenge of adaptation to climate change.

Matthew Osborne will participate in the session ‘Financing a resilient future’ where he will speak about how to effectively meet local community needs for resilience finance, and how to effectively disperse development funding to ensure it reaches the right projects, people and places.

Watch the livestream

Starting at 14:00 EDT on Sunday 22 September, this event will be available to watch online.

Watch here


Opening plenary

  • Setting out the challenges to building a resilient future

Interactive parallel sessions

  1. Building resilient food and agriculture systems
  2. Preventing disasters in a changing climate
  3. Financing a resilient future
  4. Resilient cities, infrastructure and energy systems
  5. Working with nature to build resilience
  6. Resilience programming and building capacity
  7. Climate, Stability and Conflict

Closing plenary

  • Identifying the next steps for the whole community to deliver on the actions and commitments they are making on building a resilient future
  • Collecting high level messages for the UN Climate Action Summit and beyond

Concept note

Please see concept note for further details on the interactive parallel sessions.

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