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Aid Atlas: a new tool to visualize development finance flows

Aid Atlas is an interactive platform which helps state and non-state actors to explore the flows of international development finance.

Georgia Savvidou, Adis Dzebo, Aaron Atteridge / Published on 19 August 2019
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Savvidou, G., Dzebo, A., and Atteridge, A. (2019). New Online Tool to Visualize Development Flows. SEI Fact Sheet. Stockholm Environment Institute, Stockholm.

Aid Atlas can help governments, researchers, funders, international organizations and others to more easily understand how development funding is being provided, where it is going, and what it’s being used for. It also enables users to ask questions about what impacts development finance has for people and the environment.

The main audience for the platform is government officials in countries where development finance is being invested, where familiarity with the aid landscape and data is limited and capacity to spend time understanding aid flows is weakest and most needed. These are people that often have little time for finding and analysing data from international organizations, but whose work is extremely relevant to the way development aid is being used.

Other potential users include researchers interested in the effectiveness of development aid, and representatives of international organizations such as UN agencies, international climate funds, and multilateral development banks.


Read the fact sheet / PDF / 5 MB

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