The Glasgow Declaration for Fair Water Footprints was first announced by Lord Goldsmith at SIWI World Water Week 2021 and officially launched on 5 November 2021 at COP26. Within that short period of time, 28 signatories from governments, business and civil society publicly committed to ensure that water footprints over which they have control and influence will be sustainable, resilient and fair by 2030.  These partners bring together some of the wealthiest countries on the planet, with a population totaling 170 million, and nominal GDP of $4.1 trillion.

In this online session, representatives from the founding signatories, the team behind the Declaration and partners involved in other water stewardship initiatives including WRAP, will talk frankly about the challenges of implementation, the lessons learned and the collective action still needed to change the way the world uses water for good. Speakers will draw on their experiences of collective action projects to demonstrate how collaborative efforts can result in better water security.

SEI’s Rafaela Flach will speak about how the Trase project‘s¬†partnership with Fair Water Footprints is making unique and complimentary contributions to systemic change and collective action for resilient, fair and sustainable water management.