The contribution of standards and certification to the safe reuse of nutrients from sanitation and waste systems

Graphic: SuSanA.

Background and objectives

Globally, there is increasing interest in recovering nutrients from excreta and excreta-derived waste streams, as a way to reduce reliance on chemical fertilizers and increase sustainability in agro-food systems. However, concerns about health risks associated with reuse of excreta-derived fertilizers, in all their forms, persist. The use of standards and certification systems can help address some of these challenges related to the quality of excreta-derived fertilizers and the health risks related to their use, but many colleagues in the sector do not have an overview of the standards and certifications that exist or recent developments in the area.

The objective of this webinar, therefore, is to provide an overview of work being done at different levels on the development and use of standards and certifications for excreta-derived fertilizers and nutrient products. Through a series of brief presentations and a panel discussion, the key challenges and opportunities for the use of standards and certification in nutrient reuse will be discussed, and participants in the webinar will also have an opportunity for knowledge exchange and networking with colleagues working on these issues.


  • Welcome and Introduction (SuSanA Secretariat, Daniel Ddiba)
  • On experiences in the development of the Guide Standard for Treated Faecal Sludge Compost for Non-food Applications in India (Sunil Agarwal (Toilet Board Coalition))
  • On the state-of-the-art of standards and certifications relating to products from black soldier fly biowaste processing (Moritz Gold (ETH Zurich/Sustainable Food Processing Lab))
  • On the experience of WHO in the use and adoption of the 2006 Guidelines for the safe use of wastewater, excreta and greywater (Kate Medlicott (WHO))
  • Panel discussion
    • Sunil Agarwal (Toilet Board Coalition)
    • Kate Medlicott (WHO)
    • Mei Yee Chan (TÜV SÜD/ISO-PC305)
    • Nelson Ekane (SEI)
  • Q&A with audience (Daniel Ddiba)
  • Reflections and closing (SuSanA Secretariat, Daniel Ddiba)

The webinar will be hosted on the Microsoft Teams platform.

*Please note this agenda is preliminary and subject to some minor changes

Target audience

The webinar will be mainly targeted at practitioners, policymakers and researchers working on issues of nutrient reuse at the interface of sanitation and agriculture.


  • Daniel Ddiba, PhD (SEI)


  • SuSanA Working group 5 on productive sanitation and food security
  • Stockholm Environment Institute


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The contribution of standards and certification to the safe reuse of nutrients from sanitation and waste systems

Graphic: SuSanA.