To mark Clean Air Day on 15th June, the UK IAQM  have organised a forum on air pollution and childhood exposure to be hosted at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Dr Archer will discuss her work on the School’s Air Quality Monitoring for Health and Education (SAMHE) project. In particular, she will explain how the project utilises citizen science methods to increase relevance and engagement on air quality.

Primary school students running down a hallway while at school in the North East of England. Focus is on a girl who is laughing, looking away from the camera with her friends out of focus behind her.

Young girls running down a school corridor. Photo: SolStock / Getty Images

Also speaking at the event will be Professor Paul Linden from the University of Cambridge and Dr Abigail Whitehouse from Queen Mary University of London. Prof. Linden is a co-project investigator on SAMHE and will speak about his wider work on school air quality through the Tackling Air Pollution in Schools network (TAPAS ). Dr Whitehouse is a clinical academic respiratory children’s doctor in London. Her current research activities include setting up the new Children’s Environmental Health service at the Royal London and innovative asthma and wheeze trial work. Abigail also works with a variety of community, charity and young persons groups on air pollution health effects.

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The event is open to the public, not just IAQM members, and aims to bring together all who want to help shape the future of air quality in schools and childhood exposure.

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