Almedalen and the cathedral of Visby in background, Gotland, Sweden

Almedalen and the cathedral of Visby in background. Photo: janol / iStock / Getty Images .

Reliance on centralized systems for the provision of critical services increases society’s vulnerability to natural hazards, demographic changes, but also conflict. In urban areas, aging infrastructure coupled with lack of infrastructure redundancy leads to shortages in service provision. In areas with conflict, centralized systems often fall under attack, causing a wave of cascading effects on systems and societies, as recently witnessed in Ukraine. In rural and developing areas, centralized infrastructure will never be attainable due to high capital and maintenance costs. Regardless of the context, there is a clear need to diversify systems and attain a certain degree of infrastructure independence.

In this event we delve into how the private sector in Sweden can work closer with development and humanitarian operations to accelerate progress towards the sustainable development goals (SDGs) while fostering Swedish innovation. The event will showcase experiences from a selection of the 28 partners from Africa, Europe, Latin America and the Middle East of the quadruple helix Vinnova-sponsored sWASH&grow project.


  • Ulrika Modeer, Assistant Secretary-General, UNDP
  • Josephine Sundqvist, Secretary-General, LM International (Läkarmissionen)
  • Patrik Stålgren, Head of Unit for Strategic Partnerships, Private sector, Innovation and New methods at Sida
  • Mårten Björk, innovator and entrepreneur within the network “Urban Tech Sweden”
  • Jan Furuvald, chairman, SWEACC – Swedish East African Chamber of Commerce

Presentations by Karina Barquet and Olle Olsson, SEI

Moderator: Sten Stenbeck, RISE

Organizers: SEI, RISE Research Institutes of Sweden and LM International (Läkarmissionen) .

This is a hybrid event. Join us on-site or online below.

About Almedalen

Almedalen Week is an annual meeting place in Sweden where a range of actors from the public, private and non-profit sector, together with political representatives and media, meet to debate and discuss various societal issues.

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