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Lunch seminar: scaling up green finance and managing climate risk

What is the role of green bonds in sustainable finance? How do financial actors understand and manage climate risks? How can science better support managing financial climate risks?

These questions were addressed at this seminar which SEI, CICERO and the Stockholm Sustainable Finance Centre (SSFC).

9 May 2019 at 11:45 CEST

ending at 13:45 CEST

The seminar presented research results on the role of green bonds in sustainable finance; how financial actors currently understand and manage climate risks; how science can better support managing financial climate risks; and the role of the financial sector in pushing our economies towards sustainability.

Our work has been based on interviews with stakeholders who have key roles in the ongoing transformation of the finance sector in Sweden and Norway. Part of the seminar was webcast and you can watch the recording on demand.

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11:30 Lunch and mingle

11:45 Welcome

  • Aaron Maltais (SSFC/SEI)

11:50 Session 1: Research results and Q&A (webcast)

  • Managing Climate Risk – Asbjørn Torvanger (CICERO)
  • What kind of financial innovation do green bonds constitute – Aaron Maltais (SSFC/SEI)
  • Green Bonds for adaptation and resilience to climate change – Heidi Tuhkanen (SSFC/SEI)
  • The role of the finance sector in sustainability transitions – Björn Nykvist (SEI)

13:00 Reflections from practitioners and Q&A

13:15 Break

13:25 Session 2: What’s next for green finance?

Dialogue between researchers and stakeholders on sustainable finance research and the future needs of the sector.

13:45 Seminar ends


Registrations for this event are closed.

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