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Mind the Gap! Unlocking Inclusive Digital Solutions for Climate Finance

Grow Asia, a 2023 grantee of the Strategic Collaborative Programme, is convening an investor roundtable to discuss a proposed multistakeholder public-private partnership model aimed at advancing digital financial and climate inclusion among agriculture MSMEs, including smallholder farmers.

29 May 2023
Thailand and Online

The roundtable will focus on a high-impact value chains that are of interest to public-private investors that make a significant contribution to green house gas emissions.

Discussion topics

  • Accelerating inclusive access for MSMEs to digital, financial, and climate-smart solutions
  • Catalyzing multistakeholder collaboration to unleash the economic potential of MSMEs
  • Eliminating barriers to the adoption of digital finance and climate-smart technology
  • Enabling access to digital literacy training at scale
  • Unlocking financial inclusive models to reach MSMEs
  • Strengthening the enabling environment through harmonized policy
  • Empowering women as decision-makers and business leaders in agri-food value chains


This event is by-invitation only. For interested parties, please contact Kuntum Melati at [email protected].


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