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Offshore drilling rigs with sheep in foreground on green grass, Cromarty, Highland, Scotland

Offshore drilling rigs in Scotland. Photo: Jason Alden / Bloomberg Creative Photos / Getty Images .

A just transition for the oil and gas sector is the next frontier and a sensitive intervention point for climate mitigation. Today, we have a narrow window of opportunity to close the gap between international climate ambitions and policies for limiting global warming to 1.5°C. In the North Sea, Denmark, Norway and the UK are expected to play a key role as first-movers, but only Denmark has so far committed to phasing out production. The scale of this challenge requires policymakers, industry, academia and civil society to work together. The event aims to explore the role of these actors in the transition from black to green, highlighting the leadership role of Denmark both at national and international level.

The event will also see the launch of three new reports looking at the opportunities and barriers for oil and gas just transition in Denmark, Norway and the UK/Scotland. They include key insights on the status of the transition in each country, the market and regulatory landscape, key stakeholders and narratives, social and economic implications of the transition, and sensitive intervention points for policy action.


14:30: Welcome and introduction

14:35: Keynote speech: A Danish Success Story: The Role of Government in Achieving Buy-in for the Transition of the Oil and Gas Industry

  • Tomas Anker Christensen, Climate Ambassador to Denmark

14:45: Panel 1 – A Just Transition for Oil and Gas in the North Sea: Lessons from Denmark, Norway and the UK

  • Michael Simmelsgaard, COO, Group Executive Board / Neel Strøbæk, Senior Director for Sustainability and CR, Rambøll
  • Anne Højer Simonsen, Senior Director Climate, Confederation of Danish Industry
  • Ørsted
  • Government representative – Climate Partnerships

15:05 Presentation

  • Gökçe Mete, Research Fellow at Stockholm Environment Institute

15:15: Panel 2 – Co-creating evidence and pathways: Can Research Accelerate Policy Action for the Just Transition Beyond the North Sea?

  • Kirsten Jenkins, Lecturer in Energy, Environment and Society, University of Edinburgh
  • Gökçe Mete, Research Fellow at Stockholm Environment Institute
  • Chiagozie Udeh, Global Focal Point SDG7 Youth Constituency at United Nations Major Group for Children and Youth
  • Mike Coffin, Senior Analyst in Oil, Gas and Mining at Carbon Tracker

15:35 The event ends