KTH, Royal Institute of Technology

SEI and KTH researchers will hold presentations about dependencies between SDGs, policy support and tool development, modelling and quanitfication of SDGs, as well as identification of knowledge gaps.


  • Welcome and introduction: Linn Persson, SEI (moderator)
  • Reciprocal dependencies between sustainability dimensions in the 2030 Agenda: Elisabeth Ekener and Cecilia Katzeff, KTH
  • Towards systemic and contextual decision-making for Agenda 2030 – policy support and tool development: Nina Weitz, SEI
  • Mapping synergies and trade-offs between energy and the Sustainable Development goals: Francesco Fuso-Nerini, KTH
  • Science for Agenda 2030 – knowledge gaps for SDGs 12, 14 and 17: Åsa Persson, SEI
  • Discussion: Research needs and possible areas of collaboration between SEI and KTH