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Seaport during golden hour. Photo: Tom Fisk / Pexels .


Local governments across the globe play a key role in promoting CO2 reductions, but most of them currently lack tools and knowledge to address Scope 3 consumption-based emissions. This event will showcase the current work of Nordic municipalities on climate neutrality based on an ongoing project funded by the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Working Group for Climate and Air (NKL). It will discuss challenges and opportunities identified at the local level to assess and mitigate consumption-based emissions as well as address carbon capture, also known as sinks.

The aim of the workshop is to share lessons learned from the Nordic region and initiate important dialogues on the role and the methods local governments can apply to accelerate the transition to a just and low-carbon society.

The event will present findings from a recently conducted survey undertaken among municipalities in the Nordic region to learn how they are currently monitoring and mitigating climate change, especially from the viewpoint of consumption and carbon sinks. The event will shed light on the usefulness of consumption-based data on emissions for municipalities. It will also reflect on some of the main challenges identified in municipalities’ work regarding sustainable consumption and carbon sinks.



  • Welcome (Hans Sanderson, AU, and Katarina Axelsson, SEI)
  • The vision of the Nordic Council of Ministers (Sara Berggren, NKL chair)
  • Estimating consumption-based emissions at the municipality level in Sweden using SEI’s Konsumtionskompassen (in Swedish) tool (Katarina Axelsson, SEI)
  • Modelling municipal emissions and sinks in Finland (Laura Saikku, SYKE)
  • Climate budgeting at the municipality level in Norway, (Borgar Aamaas, CICERO)
  • Key findings from a survey on the work of Nordic municipalities with consumption-based estimations and sinks (Hans Sanderson, Aarhus University)


  • Coffee break and networking


  • Plenum discussions on consumption-based CO2 estimation and sinks for municipalities
  • Wrap-up and next steps

Registration details

Register below and share about the event with your networks. We look forward to welcoming all who are interested in sustainable transition join us in person at the workshop on 2 June 2022.

Where: Garnisonen Conference , Karlavägen 100, Stockholm. Room: Hagaparken

Please note that only 50 seats are available.

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