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Think & Talk Arctic and Climate Change

Come join us for a Think & Talk event about the Arctic and climate change in Stockholm, Monday,  9 December at 18:30. The event is part of a series of events during the Nordic Climate Action Weeks organized by the Nordic Cooperation during COP025.

A frozen lake in Arnarstapi Iceland

A lake in Arnarstapi Iceland (Photo: Tom Vining / Unsplash)


9 December 2019 at 18:30 CET

ending at 19:30 CET

Stockholm, Sweden and Online

Birger Jarlsgatan 57 C, 113 56

The concept of Think & Talk is about turning the audience into participants rather than spectators. The aim of this event will be to create an interactive dialogue between speakers sharing ideas about the Arctic and Climate Action perspectives and the audience

What role does the Arctic play in the Global Climate System? Given the importance of the Arctic, why is there a global disconnect with the Arctic in terms of playing an important part of the global dialogue?

The event will also showcase a special preview of the REARCTIC architectural projection show on the Oslo Opera House in 2020.

Panelists and Facilitators: 

Marcus Carson,  Senior Research Fellow and leads the Arctic Resilience Assessment, Stockholm Environment Insitute (SEI)

Katarina Inga, Sámi and Research Associate at SEI Headquarters – Governance and Institutions Unit

Amanda Mide Andersen, active in the Young Green Movement in Denmark and studies Climate Change Management in Norway.

Mia Hanak, REARCTIC and CEO in Millennium ART. She has been creating interactive, and immersive exhibitions and experiences through visual storytelling for years.

Alexander Telje, works in Memetor and do Think&Talk dialogues all over the world as a professional.

Heidi Helgestad, from Norsk klimanettverk, a volunteer based organisation and is together with Mia in REARCTIC.


18:30 Program introduction to the audience.

18:35 REARCTIC introduction

18:40 Audience introduction in groups

18:45 Panelists introduction and perspective sharing on the Arctic and climate change

18:50 Audience and panelist dialogues

19:25 Closing comments



Stockholm: Norrsken House, Birger Jarlsgatan 57C

Madrid: The Nordic Pavilion in Hall 6, at IFEMA Feria de Madrid


December 9, 18:30-19:30 CET

SEI Participants

Marcus Carson
Marcus Carson

Senior Research Fellow

SEI Headquarters

Katarina Inga
Katarina Inga

Research Associate

SEI Headquarters

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Climate : Climate policy
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