The authors will:

  • conduct searches for environmental and social impact assessments in Swedish and English, and until theoretical saturation is reached (i.e. no new action-impact pathways are identified)
  • perform searches of specialist websites (e.g. public repositories of environmental and social impact assessments) and Google Scholar
  • we will also contact relevant stakeholders (that have been identified in the wider 3MK project ) and make a call for additional information
  • conduct eligibility screening from titles and full text
  • extract metadata from eligible studies including type of mining activity, location of mine, type of impacts, and planned mitigation measures.

The findings will be presented narratively, in a searchable relational database and in an evidence altas (a cartographic map). The authors will produce a framework of different mining impacts and related mitigation measures from practitioners’ knowledge reflected in EIAs and SIAs. This framework will further form the basis of a multiple knowledge base on mining impacts and mitigation measures generated from different knowledges including scientific, Indigenous, and practitioners’ knowledge.