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Thinking for sustainability: the role of strategic environmental assessment (SEA)

The webinar provided information about the Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) process within the Bosnia and Herzegovina Environmental Strategy and Action Plan (BiH ESAP) 2030+ project and shared SEA experiences from other countries.

23 September 2021 at 09:00 CET

ending at 11:30 CET

Event contact

Amar Čaušević

Sun peeking through tree in background with mountains in backdrop

Landscape in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Photo: Adnan Bubalo.

About the webinar

The webinar explained how and why the public needs to get actively involved and why the government’s role is crucial for completing the SEA process. The speakers and moderators described the opportunities for the government and NGO sectors during the process and encapsulated the basics for developing a good SEA. Participants had the opportunity to obtain information about the current state of the SEA process for BiH ESAP 2030+. Furthermore, the webinar outlined insights into lessons learned from SEA processes in other Western Balkan countries and EU member states.

The Thinking for Sustainability: The role of Strategic Environmental Assesment (SEA) webinar took place on 23 September 2021, 9:00–11:30 am CEST.

The webinar is part of the project’s SEA activities, that are being conducted in parallel with the development of BiH ESAP 2030+ and in line with the SEA directive.

The event had an English translation.


9:00–9:15 Introduction

Introducing the topic and speakers, presenting the SEA promotion video and briefly explaining why SEA is an essential segment within BiH ESAP 2030+ and in general for BiH.

  • Maja Maretić Tiro and Snežana Mišić Mihajlović

9:15–9:35 Implementation of SEA in Montenegro

Presenting on how the SEA process is conducted in Montenegro, considering both government and NGO sector perspectives. Providing several examples showcasing SEA development in Montenegro.

  • Milija Čabarkapa, WWF Adria

9:35–9:55 Governance and SEA: Case studies from Spain

Explaining how the SEA process functions on state, regional, and municipal levels. Discussing case studies from “Sustainable development of the Albufera region” and “Desalinisation plan for the Mediterranean Basin.” Sharing experiences on encountered challenges and explaining how these issues were resolved.

  • Enrique Cifres, eWATER

9:55–10:10 Break

10:10–10:30 Role of NGOs in SEA process – The experience of WWF Adria

Sharing lessons learned from WWF Adria’s engagement in the SEA processes in different Western Balkan countries. Providing information about the role of the NGO sector in defining the conceptual approaches and applications of SEA.

  • Đorđe Stefanović, WWF Adria

10:30–10:50 BiH ESAP 2030+ SEA process

Providing an overview of the current developments of the ESAP 2030+ SEA process. Explaining the future steps required to finalize the process and discussing challenges encountered in the present work.

  • Vedad Suljić and João Pedro Silva, CETEOR

10:50–11:20 Panel discussion with Q&A

Opening space for webinar participants to ask questions to presenters.

  • Milija Čabarkapa, Enrique Cifres, Đorđe Stefanović, Vedad
    Suljić and João Pedro Silva

11:20–11:30 Closing remarks

Summarizing key conclusions and messages.

  • Maja Maretić Tiro and Snežana Mišić Mihajlović

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About the project

The development of BiH ESAP 2030+ is entrusted to SEI and, when adopted, will provide a critical tool for relevant authorities to reach environmental sustainability and improved citizen health and well-being for current and future generations across BiH.

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