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Youth Environment Assembly 2022

Youth delegates from across the world will participate in the conference in Nairobi, Kenya from 18 February 2022–5 March 2022 during the Open-Ended Committee of Permanent Representatives (OECPR), United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA 5.2) and UNEA Special Session. The conference will be a hybrid of physical and virtual to enable maximum participation.

19 to 27 February 2022
Nairobi, Kenya and Online
Event contact

Carol Mungo

GYEA welcome banner

Graphic: Global Youth for Environment.

The following events will take place, informing the substantive and thematic aspects of the Youth Environment Assembly (YEA):

  • Youth Environment Assembly (19–20 February and 27–28 February 2022)
  • Stockholm+50 Youth Pre-Event Part 1 (one or two-day long event scheduled between these days)
  • Youth Segment of the UN Science Policy Business Forum (on the first day of the SPBF)
  • UNEP@50 Youth Plenary (partially during YEA and partially during Special Session as a side event)
  • Other meetings currently being planned (possible session/event on the UN Decade)

Nairobi-based youth will be invited and welcomed to engage at the youth events happening outside the UNON compound at the GYEA.


The programme will continuously be updated.

Day 1: 19 February 2022

9.50 AM–10.55 AM EAT: Capacity-Building & Networking Session aimed at introducing UNEA processes, objectives of YEA and networking as a youth constituency

11.00 AM–12.30 EAT: Opening session, including welcoming remarks and keynote presentations marking the official opening of YEA

12.30 PM–12.45 PM EAT: Briefing about working groups, drive folders

12.45 PM–13.50 PM EAT: UNEA 5.2, UNEP@50, and Stockholm+50: What is at stake? The session will provide an overview of what is upcoming at OECPR negotiations, the two UNEA sessions and what is at stake.

15.00 PM–15.10 PM EAT: Energizer and explanation of breakouts (moving virtual participants into breakouts)

15.30 PM–17.00 PM EAT: Demystifying Chemicals and Waste at UNEA5.2 Thematic session with the intention to help youth to (i) understand the chemicals and waste processes (ii) understand MEAs around Chemicals and Waste (iii) update on chemicals and waste negotiation items for UNEA5.2. Collect their ideas and feedback on the previous 3 items to feed into UNEA 5.2 processes (90 minutes).

Standpoint on Sustainabilty: Effectively Expression Your Opinions: A skill-building exercise session focused on how to speak up and express opinions on environmental and sustainability space as a young person (45 minutes).

Working Group 2: Cluster 4 – Sustainability: 1. Resolution on Sustainable and Resilient Infrastructure 2. Resolution from Eritrea on behalf of the African Group on green recovery 3. Resolution on circular economy 4. Resolution on mineral resource governance.

17.00 PM–18.30 PM: Parallel Working Group Meetings: Marine Litter Working Group: Preparation for (i) Draft resolution from Rwanda/ Peru on an internationally legally binding instrument on plastic pollution and & Draft resolution from Japan on an international legal instrument on marine plastic pollution (ii) Draft Resolution on Framework for addressing plastic product pollution including single-use plastic product pollution.

Working Group 2

Working Group (Science Policy and general PCG): Cluster 5 – Resolutions on GEO, UNEA dates, and Geographical representation

Day 2: Sunday 20 February 2022

9.30 AM–11.30 AM EAT: Parallel Working Group Meetings: Working Group 1 and Climate and Environmental Justice in the Global South

11.30 AM–12.40 PM EAT: Session on UNEP Medium Term Strategy (MTS): A session that focusses provides an overview of UNEP’s MTS and the narrative on “nature, climate and pollution action” – presentation by the secretariat, followed by interaction with youth delegates.

12.40 PM–13.45 PM EAT: Lunch break

14.00 PM–16.00 PM EAT: Youth Dialogue with Member States – 1

16.00 PM–17.00 PM: Preparations for the OECPR Interventions and general briefing on UNEA and OECPR

Regional Breakout LAC

Day 3: 25 February 2022

14.00 PM – 15.30 PM EAT: Capacity Building / Introduction to new members

15.30 PM – 16.15 PM EAT: Living Library: The Work of the Youth Task Force and how you can contribute

16:30 PM- 17.15 PM EAT: Invest in our Planet and Invest in Youth for a Sustainable Economic, Social and Environmental Recovery

17.15 PM – 18.30 PM EAT: Expert Talk: Education, Youth & Environment Conversation

18.30 PM – 18.45 PM EAT: Energiser / short break

18.45 PM – 19.30 PM EAT: Parallel Regional Breakouts – Asia Pacific, Africa, Europe +NA, LAC, MENA

Day 4: 26 February 2022

9.30 AM – 10.30 AM EAT: Parallel Working Group sessions, youth
climate/environmental action through social enterprises

1500 PM – 17.00 PM EAT: Working Session: Stockholm+50 Youth Engagement, Asia-Pacific Consultation on Youth and the Environment, Youth Climate/Environmental action through Social Enterprises, a session with Stockholm
Environment Institute, One Health, social media and virtual environmental education, One Health, Youth Science Report by SEI, Ecosystem Restoration, Food at the COP, Asia Pacific Water Summit Youth Forum at UNEP, How to accredit your NGO at UNEP, LAC Regional Consultation

Day 5: 27 February 2022

9.30 AM – 11.30 AM EAT: Stockholm+50- Building momentum and action on environmental agreements

11.30 AM – 12.30 PM EAT: Outcomes preparation

12.30 PM – 13.45 PM EAT: Lunch

14:00 PM – 14:45 PM EAT: Outcomes Presentation (Closing Ceremony)

16:00 PM – 17:00 PM EAT: Well-being Session at the Karura Forest

SEI participants

Philip Osano
Philip Osano

Centre Director

SEI Africa

Lawrence Nzuve

Communications Coordinator


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