“The report’s comprehensive analysis demonstrates that economic growth is possible in combination with climate measures to reduce emissions. Sweden is a pioneer in the implementation of several of the strategies presented in the report: compact urban development with public transportation, carbon price, renewable energy investments and innovations for economic prosperity and low carbon emissions. But the level of ambition needs to be increased further”, says Per Klevnäs, senior project manager at the Stockholm Environment Institute.

Better Growth, Better Climate includes a 10-point Global Action Plan of practical recommendations that can achieve greater prosperity and a safer climate at the same time. These measures will all lead to net benefits to the economy, even before their climate benefits are considered.

Per Klevnäs is responsible for SEI’s analysis and research contribution to the report in cooperation with a dozen research colleagues from SEI and other experts in research and policy institutes from around the world.

This year’s theme for Klimatforum is Transition to a climate smart economy. The event brings together policy makers, business leaders, governmental agencies, local municipalities and researchers for discussions about Sweden’s future challenges.

Klimatforum is organized by the Swedish Environment Protection Agency and Miljöaktuellt, the largest environmental newspaper in Sweden.