Although a key focus of climate mitigation efforts in the past has been in substituting fossil fuels with renewable energy, the emissions and impacts associated with land degradation and desertification highlight the critical importance land sectors have in climate stabilization. Even as many countries aim for zero emissions by 2050, most future climate scenarios indicate that negative emissions will be needed through soil carbon sequestration and various land-based mitigation measures. In 2019, a special report on Climate Change and Land by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change outlined  the critical role of land and biomass for achieving climate stabilisation and resilience.

The land-use sectors have a greater “human interface” compared to industry and energy sectors and, thus, engagement with stakeholders in identifying and evaluating land-based mitigation measures will be critical in ensuring proper implementation, monitoring and governance. Consequently, LANDMARC includes a significant stakeholder engagement platform that connects local cases to national policies and pan-national cooperation.

SEI leads work on “Regional Engagement for Global Impact”, which includes stakeholder dialogue and workshops to be held across five continents.

“The stakeholder platform to be led by SEI in LANDMARC will truly range from the local to the global. The project will facilitate learning and capacity building for land-based mitigation linking human and biophysical systems. The aim is to establish best practices and better understand how they can be implemented, adapted, monitored and upscaled.”

— Senior Research Fellow Francis X. Johnson, who leads SEI work in the project

The research will incorporate analyses from case studies and global modelling. Technical analysis and monitoring will include the use of both remote sensing data and local, site-specific  measurements. Researchers will use climate, land use and economic simulation models to evaluate the implications at national, regional, and global levels when scaling up and implementing land-based mitigation measures.

LANDMARC, a 7 million EUR project, will run from July 2020 to June 2024.

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LANDMARC Kicks off