“The last seven years have been a successful period of development for SEI. I will be leaving an organization that has grown by 40%, has a strong and diverse financial base, and that in 2017 was ranked as top among environment think tanks,” said Johan L. Kuylenstierna, SEI’s Executive Director.

Icy coast by the Oland Bridge in Sweden, one of the longest bridges in Europe. The bridge is connecting the swedish island Oland with mainland Sweden. Photo credit: Getty images / Birgittas

“It has been a true honour to lead SEI, and a tough decision to leave.  However, in 2018 the process to develop SEI’s new long-term strategy will begin. And according to SEI’s statues, my final term as ED would come to an end in early 2020. I therefore believe that a new ED, who will be responsible for the implementation of the new strategy, should have the opportunity to lead this work.”

The recruitment process to identify SEI’s next Executive Director has begun. “We’re looking for candidates with a proven track record of successful leadership of international organizations working on sustainable development,” said Maria Westerlund, SEI’s HR Director.

“SEI’s next Executive Director will already have a reputation among peers for ensuring that research is put into practice by decision makers at local and global levels and for creating a working environment that stimulates cooperation.”

Interested candidates should contact Maria Westerlund ( [email protected]) for more information.