Carla Liera

Carla reminds us of the privilege of having a toilet at home, and the difficulties and real dangers the poor and homeless face every day in accessing safe sanitation and hygiene services.

Carla joined SEI in 2019. Her work mainly involves developing qualitative baselines studies and conducting research on the linkages between water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) and watershed management. Among her diverse projects before joining SEI, she carried out research with the street population in Mexico City, focused on access to water, sanitation and menstrual hygiene.

Video: Sarah Molaiepour /SEI

Daniel Ddiba

SEI Research Associate Daniel Ddiba talks about the need to consider sanitation from the angle not just of public health and individual rights, but also as a natural resource issue, particularly in areas with water scarcity.

Daniel has been leading SEI’s work on the REVAMP tool for assessing the resource recovery and economic potential of urban waste streams. You can also read about Daniel’s key takeaways from last month’s Kenya National Sanitation Conference.

Video: Sarah Molaiepour /SEI

Nelson Ekane

SEI Research Fellow Nelson Ekane argues that behaviour change initiatives, which are increasingly being used to end open defecation and boost the adoption of good hygiene practices, are destined to fail without a good understanding of the targets, their needs and preferences.

Read Nelson’s recent policy brief on how to enhance success in the Community Health Clubs approach adopted as part of Rwanda’s nationwide hygiene and sanitation programme.

Video: Sarah Molaiepour /SEI