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How to model energy and water linkages using LEAP and WEAP

In this webinar, SEI scientists explain how to use SEI’s two flagship modelling tools for integrated analyses of energy and water systems.

Eric Kemp-Benedict, Emily Ghosh / Published on 25 February 2020

Close-up of a reverse osmosis water purification plan. Photo: jia yu / Getty Images

SEI’s Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning system (LEAP) and Water Evaluation and Planning system (WEAP) are widely used modeling tools with a strong community of practice worldwide. LEAP is a flexible platform for energy system and climate mitigation modeling and analysis, and WEAP is a tool for integrated water resources modeling and planning. These tools can be linked to conduct integrated analyses of energy and water systems. This webinar provides an introduction on how to conduct integrated LEAP-WEAP modelling.

SEI Senior Scientist Eric Kemp-Benedict and Scientist Emily Ghosh present concepts, techniques, and selected examples. The webinar was hosted by the hosted by the Mediterranean Environmental Network (MEN-REM) Nexus Task Force of the German development agency GIZ.


Photo used in the thumbnail: jia yu / Getty Images

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