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Mistra Geopolitics video: Navigating towards a secure and sustainable future

The more we understand the world, the more complex it gets. The pace of transformation towards sustainable development is far too slow. Why is this?

The “Navigating towards a secure and sustainable future” video showcases Mistra Geopolitics, a research programme led by SEI and funded by Mistra.

Ylva Rylander / Published on 1 April 2021

This video presents Mistra Geopolitics, an interdisciplinary research programme that investigates the consequences of ongoing and rapidly accelerating climate change, and examines how the dynamics of geopolitics, human security and environmental change interrelate.

Mistra Geopolitics film

Navigating towards a secure and sustainable future. Photo: Mistra Geopolitics.

At a time when the world map is being fundamentally redrawn in terms of interests and interactions – we must reconsider established political concepts, institutions and forms of international cooperation. Disruptive times are full of uncertainties and risks, but also opportunities and hope.

Björn-Ola Linner, Programme Director of Mistra Geopolitics

Watch the film

The Mistra Geopolitics video “Navigating towards a secure and sustainable future”. Video: SEI / YouTube.

Climate change, geopolitics, security, societal transformations, low-carbon economy, trade, and international cooperation. Experts in these areas need to be brought together to understand the new risks, opportunities and uncertainties. This is exactly what researchers of Mistra Geopolitics are doing – connecting the dots.

Åsa Persson, Deputy Director and Research Director of SEI

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