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SEI Asia’s online modules explore air pollution and the world of work

SEI Asia’s new online learning modules on “air pollution and the world of work” help advance our understanding of the effects of air pollution and enable researchers, policymakers and practitioners to address these through an intersectional and inclusive approach.

Kadesiree Thossaphonpaisan / Published on 13 January 2023

Although air pollution is an increasingly critical concern in Asian countries, the associated impacts on the world of work, including workers’ health and work productivity and quality are not as well studied. These online modules will allow participants to understand the connections between air pollution, gender and work, as well as consider existing inequalities that shape uneven exposure to air pollution. The modules include narrated powerpoint presentations, infographics and podcasts highlighting case studies from Southeast Asia. 

Structured as four learning modules, the first module introduces the concept of intersectionality, and explains how an intersectional lens can help participants understand disproportionate air pollution exposure. It also explains how social and gender inequalities shape individual’s and communities’ uneven exposures to air pollution. The first module includes a glossary of key concepts.   

Please find the video below to attend the first module.

The second module delves into occupational exposure with an overview of the impact of air pollution on workers’ health. It also shows participants how to estimate health impacts of occupation exposure, and discusses the research that is needed to close the current knowledge gaps.  

Please find the video below to attend the second module.

The third module focuses on air pollution policies, from formulation, implementation to their impact. It introduces the types and roles of air pollution policies to tackle air pollution and unintended consequences to vulnerable groups, as well as multiple actors that are involved in policy-making processes and implementation. It also discusses how to ensure an inclusive and equitable approach in formulating and implementing policies.  

Please find the video below to attend the third module.

The fourth module explores the meaning of a green economy and green jobs. It explains how a just transition to a green economy can help address issues relating to occupational air pollution, with a focus on achieving a green transition in the transportation and agricultural sector, and to ensure that informal workers will be included in the transition.  

Please find the video below to attend the last module.

Raising awareness and producing knowledge about air quality in the context of work is especially vital in parallel to addressing climate change, creating opportunities for health and environmental co-benefits. It is important to ensure that the benefits of clean air are evenly distributed across the world of work, to avoid perpetuating gender inequalities.   

These modules are an output of the “Impact of air pollution on the world of work for women and youth in East and South East Asia”.

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