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UK Clean Air Day 2023

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UK Clean Air Day 2023

Clean Air Day on 15 June is the UK’s largest air pollution campaign. Every year air pollution causes up to 36,000 deaths in the UK. Learn about SEI’s ongoing work to quantify the impact of air pollution, identify solutions and raise awareness.

Victoria Beale / Published on 12 June 2023 / UK

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Indoor air quality in the UK

SEI York undertakes world-leading research on air quality, climate and environmental change. It is co-leading two projects on indoor air quality in the UK and contributing to the national debate on managing air quality for health.


SAMHE stands for Schools’ Air quality Monitoring for Health and Education. The project brings together scientists, pupils and teachers across the UK to understand indoor air quality in schools. Poor air quality impacts pupils’ health and attention levels, so it is important it is monitored and understood.

If you are part of a UK school, you can sign up via the SAMHE website to receive a free air quality monitor and linked Web App where pupils can view and investigate air quality in their classroom and try curriculum-linked activities and experiments.

Clean Air Day event

If you are interested in air quality management, children’s health or citizen science and can get to Manchester UK on 15 June, do join us at this forum on childhood exposure to air pollution. Dr Rhys Archer will discuss her work on the SAMHE project and how it utilizes citizen science methods to increase relevance and engagement on air quality.

The SAMHE monitor and app have provided our Y4/5 science group with a wealth of data to interrogate and analyze. There is tangible excitement at being able to access the data in real time at home!

Elengani School


The INGENIOUS project investigates air quality in UK homes, focusing on Bradford which has high levels of deprivation and some of the highest childhood illness rates in the UK. Watch an animation introducing INGENIOUS on the project website.

International work on air pollution

Air pollution transcends national boundaries and tackling it effectively requires efforts at regional and global scales. SEI works across many projects to understand and tackle indoor and outdoor air pollution across the world.

Air quality in Africa

We are working with regional and global partners to coordinate a continent-wide integrated assessment of air pollution and climate change in Africa. Watch a short documentary explaining the aim of the project. A strong coordinated multi-stakeholder based road map and partnerships are necessary to implement the measures effectively across Africa. To this end, a partnership forum for integrated action on air pollution and climate change in Africa has been set up.

We also work at a country level. In Togo, we supported the University of Lomé to undertake an integrated assessment of air pollutants, short-lived climate pollutants and greenhouse gas emissions. This enabled decision-makers in Togo to identify priority measures to simultaneously reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve local air quality.

We have undertaken a number of research projects exploring air pollution issues and solutions in Kenya, particularly through the SEI Initiative on City Health and Wellbeing and the AIR Network. In the latter, we also used a conceptual transdisciplinary research framework to examine and evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of our approach. Our long-term partnership with lawmakers in Nairobi enabled the creation of a new Air Quality Policy and Air Quality Bill for Kenya’s capital. Listen to Romanus Opiyo discuss our air pollution work in Africa.

Air quality in Asia

South Asia suffers badly with the severe and widespread health and economic impacts of air pollution. Recently we undertook research in Cambodia, Vietnam, Lao PDR and Thailand to improve the state of knowledge on air pollution and workers’ exposures in southeast Asia, focusing on both informal and formal labour. We have also identified opportunities for more equitable and inclusive policymaking on air pollution. Together with the Climate and Clean Air Coalition, SEI York is supporting the revival of the Malé Declaration as a forum for regional cooperation on this pressing issue.

Global air quality

The Global Methane Pledge was launched in 2021 with the aim of reducing global anthropogenic methane emissions by 30% in 2030 compared to 2020 levels. We have assessed whether this could be achieved through methane-targeted mitigation actions included within countries’ Nationally Determined Contributions.

We work with a range of stakeholders, including business and industry, and recently published a first-of-its-kind guide for businesses to measure air pollutant emissions across value chains. The guide played a key role in IKEA’s latest sustainability and climate report.

We published novel research this year showing the global climate and health benefits of switching biomass cookstoves in low- and middle-income countries to electricity and LPG  and contributed to Pakistan’s first Clean Air Policy.

Other air pollution projects

Explore some of our other current and recent projects and wider initiatives which investigate and tackle air pollution.

Key People

Sarah West

Centre Director

SEI York

Rhys Archer
Rhys Archer

Research Fellow

SEI York

About the day

Clean Air Day is an annual event designed to focus public and political attention on the problem of air pollution in the UK. Held since 2017, the event is promoted by the environmental charity Global Action Plan and comprises several hundred independent events organized by local community groups, schools and colleges, NHS trusts, health charities, local authorities, government departments, businesses, and individuals.

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