Annemarieke’s current projects include PuRpOsE, in which researchers will take a more-than-human approach to Acute Oak Decline and tree health management and the IKnowFood project in which she works together with farmers and engineers in a social learning process around agricultural innovation. To these two projects she brings previous experience of working on projects that aimed to improve agricultural water management of smallholder farmers in the Volta and Limpopo basins and the Jaldhaka, Mkindo and Nariarlé watershed. In England she has worked on projects on social and cultural values of trees.

Her work across Europe, Australia and Canada on water governance has led to insights on securitisation of water and the importance of adaptive and systemic governance. More information is available on the Climate Adaptation and Water Governance website.

The projects often used creative participatory approaches: vignettes combined with PGIS (SEIRA project), cultural probes for participants to take home and to then send back via the mail (Environmental values project), on-street engagement with pictures on an easel (Social and cultural values of trees), and theatre as part of learning events (CADWAGO).

Annemarieke’s key skllls include: facilitation of dialogue processes, scenario development, Participatory GIS, GIS, interdisciplinary working, website management in word press, MaxQDA/Nvivo, creative art based methods (cultural probes), outcome mapping, monitoring and evaluation design.