Australia’s coastal zone is diverse but how to improve coastal governance through enhanced decision-making frameworks? This was one of the project’s case studies. Photo credit: CADWAGO.

The three year project (2013-2016) was led by Neil Powell (SEI) and managed by Annemarieke de Bruin (SEI) and brought together 10 partners from Europe, Australasia and North America with extensive experience in climate change adaptation and water governance issues. CADWAGO built on lessons from ongoing case research to create a forum and dialogue between researchers and stakeholders at different scales. The work was structured along four research lenses:

The project produced an extensive list of publications detailing the results of the work as well as a number of project reports, blogposts, and posters.

Peer-reviewed publications

The following articles were produced by project members. Links are to external websites hosting the publications.


CADWAGO was funded as part of the “Europe and Global Challenges programme” by Compagnia di San Paolo, VolkswagenStiftung and Riksbankens Jubileumsfond.