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Caroline Sawe

Research Associate

Caroline Sawe has joined SEI York as a Research Associate supporting on the development of national plans and strategies on air pollution and climate change mitigation particularly in francophone African countries. She is also working on methane emission reductions through the elaboration of methane mitigation roadmaps.

Caroline gained interest in air pollution and its impacts during her previous position with the Covenant of Mayors in sub-Saharan Africa, where she was supporting local governments, specifically in Kenya and Uganda, to develop and implement their climate action plans and reduce air pollution in cities. The programme was developed to support local governments and cities to put in place localized and adapted measures to fight climate change and improve air quality. Her other areas of interest include renewable energies, circular economy and e-mobility, where she has worked to develop national action plans, roadmaps and policy briefs.

Caroline has a Master’s degree in Development Economics, specializing in Sustainable Development in developing countries and Emerging Economies.

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