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Ebba Engström

Research Associate

Leave of absence

Ebba Engström

Ebba Engström is a Research Associate at SEI Headquarters – Resources and Development Unit, where she works on projects within the food systems realms- including AgriFoSe2030, CANDIES and Pengar. Within the AgriFoSe2030 programme she sits within in the Communications and Engagement team and in CANDIES her work focuses on research regarding digital information within food supply chains which support environmental sustainability measurements and transparency, therein.

Ebba holds an interdisciplinary background with a BSc (Honours) in Biological Sciences (Biotechnology) from the University of Edinburgh and a MPA in Development, Technology, and Innovation Policy from University College London. During her degrees, Ebba was able to explore her passion for sustainable agriculture and food security (and innovative mechanisms therein) through projects focusing on topics such as root systems metabolism and policy landscapes surrounding urban agriculture. On an extracurricular basis, she was also selected to partake in the John Innes Centre International Undergraduate Summer School in 2016 and as a delegate to the Youth-Ag Summit in 2017.

Prior to joining SEI, Ebba worked as a Research Assistant at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU). As part of her role she worked on several projects, including as Project Officer for the EU co-funded Erasmus+ Project (DeVilag), titled “Steering Migration through Sustainable Development: Euro-Egyptian Program for Agriculture and Rural Development”, which focuses on supporting agricultural- and rural development in Egypt through higher education channels. She also carried out a consultancy project for the trade association, Svenska Ägg, regarding enhancing the economic sustainability amongst Swedish egg producers, and contributed to a project regarding value-based drivers behind ecological and conventional farming. Moreover, Ebba has experience from the innovation sector and has held positions as a Junior Analyst at Vinnova, Sweden’s Innovation Agency, and as a Junior Consultant at Nesta.

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