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Exploring SDG-driven urban development

In this pilot project SEI is collaborating with the property management company Fabege. With the transition to a sustainable society as a backdrop, the purpose is to explore the role of Fabege, its business partners and co-actors in the urban development sector. Fabege develops long-term, attractive city districts. Social sustainability is a fundamental driving force for them, in addition to climate and the environment.

Active project


The aim is to analyse the interactions between the property company and the surrounding society. We will base this analysis on a review of the company’s operations and in relation to several future scenarios and in light of the 2030 Agenda and the Paris Agreement. This is done by exploring possible prospects for a sustainable property management industry in an uncertain world. The analyses are based on a few questions, such as:

  • How can Fabege be a part of the overall transition to a sustainable society?
  • How can the company and its partners continue to contribute to economic development while at the same time contributing to the 2030 Agenda?
  • How can Fabege be a driving force for change, rather than just responding to changes in society?

Furthermore, the project aims to discuss and elaborate on the property management industry’s unique role in the transition to a sustainable society, together with relevant stakeholders in society, and what challenges they face.

Several future scenarios that describe a range of possible roles for Fabege in the future of sustainable urban development will be developed. These will be discussed in a workshop to which a number of Fabege’s partners and stakeholders will also be invited.

After the workshop, an analysis of Fabege’s current operations will be undertaken to understand Fabege’s main hotspot areas, i.e. areas of particular importance for Fabege to address when working to reduce its environmental impact.

Finally, SEI will be responsible for putting together and writing an application for external funding that would allow SEI and Fabege to continue working together with the ambition to develop a strategic activity program or roadmap. This roadmap would allow Fabege – and in the longer term also other property companies – to navigate in their work to contribute to Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement.

SEI team

Katarina Axelsson
Katarina Axelsson

Senior Policy Fellow

SEI Headquarters

Kristian Skånberg
Kristian Skånberg

SEI Affiliated Researcher

Anneli Sundin
Anneli Sundin

Communications and Impact Officer

Project Communications

SEI Headquarters

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