Lisa enjoys an active research role in Europe, developing methodologies for use within the UNECE LRTAP Convention. This research focus continues from her PhD studies and investigates the biological, economic and social impacts of ground-level ozone on agriculture and forests. This research has lead to the revision of methods to estimate both the deposition and impacts of tropospheric ozone using flux based Critical Levels as a policy tool across Europe. She is currently chair of UNECE CLRTAP’s sub-group of forest scientists from across Europe charged with the task of developing models to assess the risks caused by ground level ozone to dominant European forest species.

She has authored over 25 referred journal papers and many book contributions, articles and reports. She is also co-editor of a book and journal special issue. She has sat on review and advisory panels for international projects, organized and hosted international workshops, chaired and rapporteured at a many international meetings having been invited to give key note presentations and seminars at a number of international conferences.

She is also a member of the Institute of Biology Agriculture, Environment and Land Use Committee and a theme leader for IUFRO, the Global Network for Forest Science.

Work experience

  • 1996–1999: Postdoctoral research assistant at Imperial College Centre for Environmental Technology (ICCET).


  • PhD (Air pollution, ICCET, Imperial College, London) and BSc (Environmental Biology, University of Manchester).