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Merlin Rehema

Senior Expert (Sustainable Cities and Resilient Communities Unit)

Merlin Rehema joined SEI Tallinn’s Sustainable Cities and Resilient Communities Unit in March 2020, focusing on transport and mobility-related topics. She holds a master’s degree in Urban Management (MA) from Tallinn University and Environmental Protection (MSc) from the Estonian University of Life Sciences.

Merlin has previously worked on mobility and transportation projects at various levels as a mobility expert, as well as a business analyst and product owner for public sector IT developments. She is currently a PhD researcher at the Tallinn University Cultural Geography Programme, focusing on pedestrian walking and how to support it with urban planning measures. She has a strong interest in analysing walking in cities as a researcher, but also as a planner. As an activist of the NGO Estonian Pedestrians’ Association, Merlin has also contributed to teaching the planning of pedestrian-friendly environments, seeking to contribute to a better urban environment.

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