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Tina Sendlhofer

Research Fellow

Tina Sendlhofer

Tina Sendlhofer is a Research Fellow at SEI Headquarters – Cities, Communities and Consumption Team – Societies, Climate and Policy Support Division.

Tina is currently involved in several projects. As part of the CANDIES (Carbon Neutral Digestive Initiative – Enhancing Systems) project, she is exploring how digital tools support the sharing of sustainability information across food systems. She also works in the C-Sink project in which the social impact and acceptability of CO2 removal (CDR) technologies are assessed across Europe. Tina is also involved in “Dressed not to kill – A podcast about fashion and sustainability”, in which she supports editing episodes and appears as a recurring expert.

Tina holds a PhD in Business Administration from Stockholm School of Economics. Her doctoral research contributed to sustainable business models and sustainable supply chains in the interdisciplinary research program Mistra Future Fashion. After her PhD, Tina pursued a postdoc and focused on studying employees and how they contribute to increased sustainability at their organization. She has a decade-long association with the global apparel industry, ranging from auditing apparel factories in the Global South to conducting over 9 years of research in the Swedish apparel industry with focus on small- and medium sized enterprises and employees.

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