Climate finance flows in Europe

All recipients of development finance from all donors in Europe for climate change projects between 2010–2019. Graphic: Aid Atlas.

About the project

This project explores climate finance flows in nine European countries: Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Moldova, Montenegro, North Macedonia and Serbia. These countries are all eligible for financing from the Green Climate Fund.

The project team will identify major bilateral and multilateral finance providers and analyse the extent to which climate finance is present in the target countries’ national plans. We will aim to provide recommendations aimed at countries and donors that describe the potential for additional investments to assist the targeted countries in achieving their climate change goals.

Project goals

  • The project team will produce a climate finance mapping report identifying target countries’ climate change goals, quantifying climate finance flows and financing gaps, and identifying prominent donors/investors and their investment preferences;
  • The team will also provide recommendations for country support and potentially regional (cross-border when possible) programmatic pipeline development for GCF and other donor support.

The research will be conducted in several steps and utilize SEI’s Aid Atlas tool.