The EU-funded CASCADES project seeks to understand the conditions under which climate risks propagate beyond their geographical, sectoral, and temporal location in ways that may affect European stability and cohesion.  Its main aim is to identify the policy leverage points that can help the EU to adapt and respond to such cascading climate risks.

The project implements various methodologies – biophysical climate impact modelling, economic modelling of trade and financial networks, data integration methods, qualitative approaches including hotspot case study analysis and policy simulations involving decision-makers and business operators. SEI’s role in the project is to investigate the trade among EU and other countries, identify the key supply chains in terms of different commodities, and assess the risks under changing climate conditions.

CASCADES combines leading expertise in climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation, international trade and commodity flows, foreign policy and security, and finance and business, with deep knowledge and proven experience of co-creating with – and influencing – stakeholders from private sectors, public policy and civil society.  It will provide knowledge and tools to support policy and decision-making processes, thus helping Europe to strategically navigate a sustainable and resilient path through a rapidly changing, interconnected world.