This project is part of a larger initiative that is undertaking a series of activities to deliver expert knowledge to practitioners, policy-makers, and other stakeholders, with a focus on livestock systems in developing countries in Latin America, Africa, and Asia.

The LMMC supports improved manure management practices by increasing awareness and knowledge and by removing barriers to practice change. The project aims to integrate manure management practices into livestock systems and improve existing practices to reduce short-lived climate pollutants (SLCPs) and other harmful emissions to the environment, capture methane as an energy source, and optimize nutrient utilization for crop production by managing and removing barriers to action with a view toward enhancing food security and sustainable development.

After a successful implementation of the first phase in 2014 with the First Global Assessment on Manure Management Policies and Practices completed, the project has entered its second phase and the identification and implementation of follow up actions to realize manure management improvements and reduce SLCPs in the region is underway.

SEI is working closely with CCAC, partner countries and institutions, and key agricultural organizations to mobilize farmers, investors, governments, and development institutions to accelerate the adoption of improved manure management practices through policy development, capacity-building and knowledge transfer.

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