The complicated decision-making processes surrounding the economic, financial and legal aspects of a Community Reneweable Energy (CRE) project often act as a barrier to deployment. The toolkit, currently being developed by CRETE, seeks to remove such barriers by providing users with a suite of economic, financial and legal frameworks. Ultimately, these frameworks will navigate community groups through the stages of setting up a renewable energy project.

Central to this is a stakeholder engagement strategy for the toolkit, which will enable community groups to better engage their local community, wider communities and key stakeholders in the development of a CRE scheme. By working with communities and stakeholders throughout the entire toolkit development process, the project will ensure that the toolkit offers the most relevant and necessary information as well as support to its users.

CRETE is a Knowledge Transfer Partnership project (2015-2017). SEI is working together with Yorkshire Energy Partnership . It is co-funded under the KTP scheme by Innovate UK.