Artists Space

GUILD explores the need for spaces that sustain a creative practice, what form the spaces of the future will take, and how artists can work with developers and communities to create sustainable spaces for the arts industry. Photo: Markus Spiske / Unsplash .

GUILD’s aim is to ensure it creates sustainable and resilient artist spaces which ultimately become deep-rooted within their local communities, and operate within environmental limits that minimise waste and lowering carbon footprints. GUILD will strive to leave an enduring legacy through the establishment of sustainable artist spaces who will become role models for other artistic spaces and also by scaling up nationally using lessons learnt during the project.

Innovative approaches to monitoring and evaluation of artist spaces

SEI is supporting GUILD over 4 years by undertaking a comparison of different approaches for monitoring and evaluation (M&E) of twenty artistic spaces chosen for the project by involving key stakeholders and the artists themselves. It will assist these artist organisations developing their approach to M&E using creative approaches and will assess the use of artist-based tools and methods for evaluating impact in the arts sector. Knowledge support is provided to these organisations for addressing different aspects of sustainability (environmental, social, economic and cultural) within their working environment and practice.

GUILD is East Street Art’s Sector Support Organisation fund through Arts Council England working with five key national and regional partners: a-n Artist Information Company, Locality, Key-Fund, Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) and University of Leeds