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Howard Cambridge

Research Support Group Manager

Howard Cambridge, MSc (Applied Remote Sensing), BSc (Geography), has been with SEI York since 1994. He is the Research Support Group Manager and is responsible for IT provision, communications, software development and data management.

His current interests are in the field of transport and sustainability as well as the use of information communication technology for behavioural change. He has worked on international projects looking at a range of environmental issues including air pollution in developing countries, agricultural water development in West Africa and is currently working on a project on transport and environment in Sub-Saharan Africa.  He also works at the local-scale with communities helping to address issues of energy efficiency, sustainable transport and well-being in order to build community resilience.

He has also developed and used various tools for communicating sustainable lifetstyles including online GIS and video.

Howard has the position of Web manager on several international projects including TEST and BESS. He is co-author of several refereed papers, articles and reports and has produced a number of short videos. He has also led training courses in the UK and abroad on GIS and website development.

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