ENLARGE is a 2-year Horizon 2020-funded project led by Istituto per la ricerca sociale in Italy. It aims to generate and disseminate knowledge on participatory governance with focus on sustainable energy, through a process of dialogue and exchange involving policy makers, civil society actors and practitioners.

ENLARGE project partners include SEI Tallinn, University of Torino and European Association for Local Democracy.



Kick-off meeting in Milan, WP1 report on methodologies (PDF)


Collecting and describing case studies of participatory processes in the field of sustainable energy. See the 31 case studies .


The ENLARGE gamebook “Choose Your Own Adventure” (COYA) on participatory processes in the sustainable energy field is the main output of the ENLARGE project. Why did ENLARGE produce the COYA book, instead of a more traditional set of recommendations? Because we are aware that there is no a “model” of good participation. However, we can have better policy-making when successful collaborative practices are in place.

Depending on the specific context, different sequences of events and choices can favour or hinder the outcome of a participatory process. The CYOA book will illustrate some of the paths towards different decision-making results.

Start your adventure now in the ENLARGE Gamebook .

ENLARGE: Energies for Local Administrations: Renovate Governance in Europe
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