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Integrating SDGs-NDCs and OECD commitments in Colombian mining and energy sectors

The Mining-Energy Planning Unit of Colombia, UPME, and SEI join efforts to identify opportunities for better integration of the SDG-NDC in Colombia on climate change and OECD best practices for energy and mining planning.

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Colombia has been a leader in the Latin America region regarding the negotiation and formulation of the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs. Although the country’s National Development Plan aligns with its implementation, there is a difficulty synchronizing the efforts of specific sectors to multiple global and national agendas. However, the mining and energy sectors of Colombia are among the stakeholders seeking to contribute to the achievement of the SDGs within the 2030 Agenda framework.

During the application of pilot research on the integration of SDGs with national policies, and the integration of these with Colombian regional and local interests and priorities, the Energy & Mining Planning Unit, which belongs to the Ministry of Mines and Energy, participated in the national level SDGs analysis of Colombia. Taking this is a ground base, SEI and UPME decided to work together on using the strategic opportunity of the current review and formulation of 10 plans for the sector and ensuring better integration of SDGs-NDC and OECD commitments.

Sunset over Bogota, Colombia

Bogotá, Colombia.

UPME’s goal in Colombia is to plan mining and energy development, support the formulation and implementation of public policy and generate knowledge and information for a sustainable future. Together, SEI and UPME seek to include socio-environmental considerations in the energy and mining sector plans of Colombia. Likewise, aligning the sectoral plans with the national commitment for the implementation of the SDGs, the climate and the OECD. The project is also looking for the commitment of the energy and mining sector to create spaces for participation and dialogue.

The project takes forward SEI’s pioneering work to understand how the SDGs interact in a given context, and how these interactions affect policy priorities. This work supports decision-makers and practitioners faced with questions on how to prioritize action and which stakeholders hold the key to progress and which need collaborative involvement.

SDG Colombia

SDGs Workshop in Medellín, Colombia.

Project aims

This project aims to jointly analyze the 2030 Agenda, the Climate Agenda and Colombia’s commitments to access the OECD in order to understand how these agendas interact and influence each other in the national context. The project will also aim to make recommendations for the mining-energy sector in Colombia to better address and achieve these agendas and commitments in synergy. The project will pay special attention to socio-environmental issues typically observed in the mining and energy sectors. The project will innovate the SDGs Synergies Approach as it will –for the first time- looks across different agendas conducting cross-impact and network analysis to find catalytic goals and identify areas where the UPME plans need strengthening.

Methodology, tools and expected results

The methodological proposal is based on the SDGs synergies approach developed by the SEI, which provides a practical way to understand how the SDGs interact in a given context and a basis for priority setting, intersectoral collaboration and the evaluation of alternative development trajectories that can drive cross-cutting progress of the 2030 agenda. This methodology will offer a smarter, more robust and probably more cost-effective way to plan for sustainable development.

Expected results

The project’s results will be an analysis for each sub-sector (electric energy, mining and fossil fuels) together with experts and a fourth analysis with a multi-stakeholder approach to identify cross cutting issues for the wider sector.

Project funding and partners

SEI team

Ivonne Lobos Alva

Team Leader: Sustainable Transitions; Senior Expert

SEI Latin America

David Purkey

Centre Director

SEI Latin America

Efraim Hernández

Research Associate

SEI Latin America

Natalia Ortiz

Communications Officer


SEI Latin America

Claudia Strambo
Claudia Strambo

Research Fellow

SEI Headquarters

Sara Vigil
Sara Vigil

Senior Research Fellow

SEI Asia

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