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SDG Study on Water

This project aims to produce a report that provides evidence-based analysis for developing and achieving water-related Sustainable Development Goals.

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Project contact

Nina Weitz /

Project team

Nina Weitz
Nina Weitz

Team Leader: Global Goals and Systems; Senior Research Fellow

SEI Headquarters

The study, being undertaken jointly by the United Nations Office for Sustainable Development (UNOSD) and the United Nations University Institute for Water, Environment & Health (UNU-INWEH), will inform the work already initiated by the UN Task Team on post-2015 development agenda, as well as the intergovernmental process for establishing the SDGs. It will also serve to support the team at UN-Water, which is working on developing specific targets for the SDGs pertaining to water.

In close collaboration with UNU-INWEH, SEI will undertake a situation analysis, define the scope of SDGs on water, develop a framework for analysis and prepare the report based on inputs and analyses from UNU-INWEH, UNOSD, participants of expert consultations, and own contributions and analysis.

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