Under the Paris Agreement, more than 150 countries have committed to acting on climate change in NDCs that are ambitious and progress over time. But commitment is just the first step: preparing, financing and meeting NDC goals present unique challenges for every country.

SEI researchers have examined how countries can phase down fossil fuel production, transparently track NDC implementation, preserve environmental integrity in international emissions trading, and achieve an equitable pathway to 1.5°C. On a regional level, they have considered how Kenya can meet its NDC targets and assessed how sub-Saharan African countries can scale up private investment in agricultural adaptation.

SEI also supports individual countries in setting and achieving their NDC goals. The Long-range Energy Alternatives Planning system – or LEAP – has been used by more than 35 countries to develop their NDCs. The NDC Explorer gives users a cross-cutting, birds-eye view of NDCs. For a decade, weADAPT has crowdsourced expert knowledge. And a new tool called NDC-SDG Connections shows the links between all NDCs and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Ongoing dialogues and workshops also spark conversations, foster partnerships and encourage knowledge sharing. Read the SEI Synthesis Brief to find out more about SEI’s NDC work.

Download the synthesis brief (PDF)

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