That amount includes nearly USD 12.9 billion for mitigation and nearly USD 2.9 billion for adaptation. Altogether, the BFI group members accounted for more than a third of all public climate finance (USD 39 billion) in 2010. There has been an annual increase in total BFI member climate change financing from 2008 to 2010, the report shows, but financing for adaptation decreased in 2010, at least partly because of a more robust classification of what counts as adaptation in the water supply and treatment sector.

Sectorally, mitigation finance flows mostly to the energy and transport sectors, the report shows, while adaptation finance is mainly to water supply and treatment. Regionally, Asia receives 47% of BFI climate finance, Africa and the Middle East receive 37%, and Latin America receives 14%. And by financial instrument, BFI financing for adaptation was delivered primarily through concessional loans. Grants nearly doubled in absolute value, from USD 837 million in 2009, to USD 1628 million in 2010; 47% were for adaptation and 53% for mitigation.

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