SEI 2017 AdaptationWatch cover

Developing countries in particular are in need of global support for adaptation. Climate finance, capacity building, and improved governance are critical to this support’s effectiveness.

This report highlights the experiences of nations in the Global South in climate adaptation, and emphasizes the need to bolster the effectiveness of adaptation action in order to ensure that the world’s most vulnerable people are well-equipped to respond to the impacts of climate change.

The report surveys a range of topics, including:

  • the challenge of climate finance in adaptation
  • challenges for least developed countries in accessing climate finance
  • the unique position of countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, and monitoring and reporting practices in these countries
  • accountability in climate adaptation, and
  • the importance of building long-term capacity in developing countries.

The authors round off with 10 recommedations for moving forward on adaptation under the Paris Agreement.

Download the report (PDF: 5.2MB)

SEI is a partner in AdaptationWatch , which is a growing partnership of organizations from across the world, aiming to catalyze wide participation in plans and actions to adapt to climate change. AdaptationWatch partners combine cutting edge tools on tracking development finance with world class research, advocacy and capacity building.